​                        Strategic Statements


Darajati Environmental Conservation Society (DECS) aspires to become a leading organization in reducing pollution and a major contributor in promoting social equity with regards to health, education and environment in the region.


Darajati Environmental Conservation Society (DECS) will coordinate, initiate and lead efforts towards introducing the culture and philosophy of cycling as an eco-friendly means of transportation within the Jordanian community. The DECS will coordinate the distribution of bicycles in the country through a targeting process that considers areas and audiences most susceptible for improvement via our projects. The beneficiaries targeted are ideally Jordanian citizens living in areas with topographic and geographic features that would allow beneficial value of our projects, the organization will also engage its efforts in initiating and coordinating projects that would present a positive impact on the livelihood of Jordanians. The DECS will initiate its projects with a high consideration of transparency and providing measurable and achievable targets.